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emerge verb

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emerged, has emerged, is emerging, emerges
emerger, salir, aparecer, surgir
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Newborn chick, emerging from the shell

Ejemplos de uso de
emerge verb

  • The facts emerged after a lengthy investigation.
  • Several possible candidates have emerged.
  • She has emerged as a leading contender in the field.
  • His war record has emerged as a key issue in the election.
  • when land first emerged from the sea
  • The cat emerged from its hiding place behind the couch.
  • animals emerging from a long period of inactivity

Sinónimos detallados para emerge verb

Ver: Spring

Traducción inversa para emerge

emerger  - to emerge, to surface 
salir  - to go out, to come out, to get out, to set out, to leave, to depart, to appear, to project, to stick out, to cost, to come to, to turn out, to prove, to come up, to occur 
aparecer  - to appear, to show up, to turn up, to be found 
surgir  - to rise, to arise, to emerge 
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