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noun | verb

ease noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tranquilidad, comodidad, desahogo; facilidad

Ejemplos de uso de
ease noun

  • the sunburn medication brought me instant ease
  • a gymnast who can handle even the most demanding moves on the parallel bars with total ease

Sinónimos de
ease noun

Sinónimos detallados para ease noun

Ver: Skill

ease verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
eased, has eased, is easing, eases
aliviar, calmar, hacer disminuir; calmarse, relajarse; aflojar (una cuerda), relajar (restricciones), descargar (tensiones); facilitar

Ejemplos de uso de
ease verb

  • The diplomats failed to ease tensions between the two nations.
  • I'm trying to ease my troubled mind.
  • Authorities are looking for ways to ease prison overcrowding.
  • The government is expected to ease travel restrictions.

Sinónimos detallados para ease verb

Ver: Relieve

Verbos frasales para ease

  • ease off - disminuir, aflojar, calmarse (dícese del dolor), amainar (dícese del viento)

Frases relacionadas para ease

Traducción inversa para ease

tranquilidad  - tranquility, peace 
comodidad  - comfort, convenience 
desahogo  - relief, outlet 
facilidad  - facility, ease 
aliviar  - to relieve, to alleviate, to soothe, to allay 
calmar  - to calm, to soothe 
calmarse  - to calm down 
relajarse  - to relax 
aflojar  (una cuerda) - to loosen, to slacken, to slacken, to ease up, to pay up, to fork over 
relajar  (restricciones) - to relax, to slacken, to be relaxing 
descargar  (tensiones) - to discharge, to unload, to release, to free, to take out, to vent (anger, etc.) 
facilitar  - to facilitate, to provide, to supply 
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