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verb | noun

drip verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dripped, has dripped, is dripping, drips
gotear, chorrear

Ejemplos de uso de
drip verb

  • Water dripped from a leak in the ceiling.
  • Blood dripped down his leg from the cut.
  • Hot wax dripped onto my fingers.
  • The pine trees dripped sap onto the cars.
  • The kids dripped water all over the house.

drip noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
gota; goteo

Ejemplos de uso de
drip noun

  • Drips of water fell from a leak in the ceiling.
  • We heard the drip of the rain.
  • the steady drip, drip, drip of the faucet
  • Water fell from the ceiling in a steady drip.
  • The doctor put the patient on a morphine drip to manage the pain.
  • Don't invite that drip to your party!

Sinónimos de
drip noun

Traducción inversa para drip

gotear  - to drip, to drizzle, to leak 
chorrear  - to drip, to pour out, to gush out 
gota  - drop, gout 
goteo  - drip, dripping 
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