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verb | verbo

determine verb

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determined, has determined, is determining, determines
determinar, establecer; decidir; averiguar

Ejemplos de uso de
determine verb

  • The new policy will be determined by a special committee.
  • The demand for a product determines its price.
  • He believes that one's personality is determined mostly by genetics.
  • An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.
  • They are unable to accurately determine the ship's position at this time.
  • Scholars have determined that the book was written in the late 16th century.
  • I am trying to determine what happened and when.
  • They are determining if they should stay.
  • They determined to leave immediately.

Sinónimos detallados para determine verb

determinar verbo

to determine; to cause, to bring about; to nail down

Traducción inversa para determine

determinar  - to determine, to cause, to bring about, to nail down 
establecer  - to establish, to found, to set up 
decidir  - to decide, to decide, to determine, to persuade, to decide 
averiguar  - to find out, to ascertain, to investigate 
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