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demonstrate verb

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demonstrated, has demonstrated, is demonstrating, demonstrates
demostrar; probar; explicar, ilustrar

Ejemplos de uso de
demonstrate verb

  • Each student must demonstrate mastery of the subject matter in order to pass the class.
  • Employees must demonstrate competence in certain skills before they can work independently.
  • The medication will not be marketed until it is demonstrated to be safe.
  • The latest test results clearly demonstrate that the vaccine works.
  • The group's failed efforts demonstrate how difficult it is to convince people to change their habits.
  • They have demonstrated a willingness to negotiate.
  • Several people will be demonstrating traditional farming techniques.
  • The instructor demonstrated the correct procedure for pruning a tree.
  • Would you mind demonstrating how the machine works?

Sinónimos de
demonstrate verb

Sinónimos detallados para demonstrate verb

Ver: Show

Traducción inversa para demonstrate

demostrar  - to demonstrate, to show 
probar  - to demonstrate, to prove, to try, to test, to try out, to try on (clothing), to taste, to sample 
explicar  - to explain 
ilustrar  - to illustrate, to explain 
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