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debate noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
debate, discusión
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Two candidates at a debate

Ejemplos de uso de
debate noun

  • The candidates participated in several debates before the election was held.
  • The meaning of the text has been the subject of considerable debate among scholars for many years.

debate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
debated, has debated, is debating, debates
debatir, discutir

Ejemplos de uso de
debate verb

  • Scholars have been debating the meaning of the text for years.
  • Whether or not the tax cuts benefit the lower classes is still hotly debated among economists.
  • The energy bill is currently being debated in Congress.
  • The President debated his challenger in front of a live audience on Tuesday.
  • The students debated for an hour.

Sinónimos de
debate verb

Sinónimos detallados para debate verb

Ver: Discuss

debate sustantivo


debatir verbo

to debate, to discuss

Traducción inversa para debate

debate  - debate 
discusión  - discussion, argument 
debatir  - to debate, to discuss 
discutir  - to discuss, to talk over, to argue, to quarrel, to dispute 
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