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adjective | verb

cultivated adjective

unfavorite favorite
cultivado; educado

Ejemplos de uso de
cultivated adjective

  • the museum's annual gala for charity attracts not only a very wealthy, but also a very cultivated crowd

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cultivated adjective

Sinónimos detallados para cultivated adjective

cultivate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cultivated, has cultivated, is cultivating, cultivates
cultivar, labrar; fomentar; refinar

Ejemplos de uso de
cultivate verb

  • Prehistoric peoples settled the area and began to cultivate the land.
  • Some of the fields are cultivated while others lie fallow.
  • a plant that is cultivated for its fruit
  • They survived by cultivating vegetables and grain.
  • He has carefully cultivated his image.
  • She cultivated a taste for fine wines.

Sinónimos de
cultivate verb

Traducción inversa para cultivated

cultivado  - cultivated, farmed, cultured 
educado  - polite, well-mannered 
cultivar  - to cultivate, to foster 
labrar  - to carve, to work (metal), to cultivate, to till, to cause, to bring about 
fomentar  - to foment, to stir up, to promote, to foster 
refinar  - to refine 
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