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cross noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cruz; cruza (en biología)

Ejemplos de uso de
cross noun

  • a necklace with a gold cross
  • The teacher marked the absent students on her list with crosses.
  • Those who could not write signed their names with a cross.

cross verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
crossed, has crossed, is crossing, crosses
cruzar, atravesar; tachar, cancelar; cruzar (en genética)

Ejemplos de uso de
cross verb

  • We crossed the state border hours ago.
  • The dog crossed the street.
  • The highway crosses the entire state.
  • He was the first runner to cross the finish line.
  • The train crosses through France.
  • Put a nail where the boards cross.
  • One line crossed the other.

Sinónimos de
cross verb

cross adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
que atraviesa; contrario, opuesto; enojado, de mal humor

Ejemplos de uso de
cross adjective

  • I didn't mean to make you cross.
  • I was cross with her for being so careless.

Sinónimos detallados para cross adjective

Ver: Irascible

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Traducción inversa para cross

cruz  - cross 
cruza  (en biología) - cross (hybrid) 
cruzar  - to cross, to exchange (words, greetings), to cross, to interbreed 
atravesar  - to cross, to go across, to pierce, to lay across, to go through (a situation or crisis) 
tachar  - to cross out, to delete 
cancelar  - to cancel, to pay off, to settle 
cruzar  (en genética) - to cross, to exchange (words, greetings), to cross, to interbreed 
contrario  - contrary, opposite, conflicting, opposed 
opuesto  - opposite, contrary, opposed 
enojado  - annoyed, angry, mad 
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