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clear verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cleared, has cleared, is clearing, clears
aclarar, clarificar (un líquido); irse, despejarse, disiparse; despejar (una superficie), desatascar (un tubo), desmontar (una selva); ser compensado (dícese de un cheque); absolver, limpiar el nombre de; ganar, sacar (una ganancia de); pasar sin tocar

Ejemplos de uso de
clear verb

  • The sky cleared after the rain.
  • The weather is cloudy now, but it's clearing gradually.
  • The morning fog gradually cleared.
  • When the smoke cleared, we could see that the building had been completely destroyed.
  • The water cleared after the mud had settled.
  • My skin cleared when I started using the cream.
  • They cleared timber from the land.
  • She cleared everything out of the closet.
  • I'll clear those books out of the way.
  • The police ordered the crowd to clear the area.

Sinónimos detallados para clear verb

Ver: Exculpate

clear adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
claro, lucido; despejado; transparente, translucido; evidente, obvio; seguro; libre

Ejemplos de uso de
clear adjective

  • It was a beautifully clear, sunny day.
  • There are clear differences between the two candidates.
  • She's the clear favorite to win the election.
  • I'm not completely happy with the plan, but I see no clear alternative.
  • He was the clear winner.
  • She has made it abundantly clear that she does not support us.
  • It's not clear how much longer we'll have to wait.
  • “Changes will have to be made.” “Yes, that's clear.”
  • Her writing has a clear style.
  • The instructions weren't very clear about when we were supposed to begin.
  • I think I have a clear understanding of the problem.

Sinónimos detallados para clear adjective

1. Clear, transparent, translucent, limpid significan que es posible ver a través (del objeto al cual se aplica).
  • Clear indica la ausencia de toda nebulosidad, confusión o turbidez <clear water>.
    antonyms: turbid, cloudy, murky
  • Transparent se aplica a cualquier cosa por medio de la cual se puede ver clara y nítidamente <a transparent sheet of film>.
    antonyms: opaque
  • Translucent se aplica a lo que permite el pasaje de la luz pero sin permitir una vista nítida de lo que se encuentra más allá <translucent frosted glass>.
  • Limpid connota la suave claridad del agua pura <limpid blue eyes>.
2. Clear, lucid significan que se entiende rápidamente y fácilmente.
  • Clear indica la ausencia de oscuridad, ambigüedad o complejidad excesiva <the instructions were perfectly clear>.
    antonyms: unintelligible, obscure, unclear
  • Lucid connota una clara coherencia lógica, así como un orden evidente de composición <a lucid description of nuclear physics>.
    antonyms: obscure, vague, unclear
3. Ver: Evident

clear adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
claro, claramente

Ejemplos de uso de
clear adverb

  • We drove clear across the state.
  • The ball rolled clear across the street.

clear noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
desmontado, despejado

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Traducción inversa para clear

aclarar  - to get light, to dawn, to clarify, to explain, to resolve, to lighten, to clear up 
clarificar  (un líquido) - to clarify, to explain 
irse  - to leave, to go, to leak, to be used up, to be gone 
despejar  (una superficie) - to clear, to free, to clear up, to clarify, to punt (in sports) 
desatascar  (un tubo) - to unblock, to clear 
desmontar  (una selva) - to clear, to level off, to dismount, to dismantle, to take apart 
ser compensado  (dícese de un cheque)
absolver  - to absolve, to acquit 
ganar  - to win, to win, to gain, to profit, to earn, to acquire, to obtain 
sacar  (una ganancia de) - to kick off (in soccer or football), to pull out, to take out, to get, to obtain, to serve (in sports), to get out, to extract, to stick out, to bring out, to pull off, to introduce 
claro  - bright, clear, pale, fair, light, clear, evident 
lucido  - lucid, magnificent, splendid 
despejado  - clear, fair, alert, clear-headed, uncluttered, unobstructed 
transparente  - transparent 
translucido  - translucent 
evidente  - evident, obvious, clear 
obvio  - obvious 
seguro  - safe, secure, sure, certain, reliable, trustworthy, self-assured 
libre  - free, vacant 
claro  - clearly, of course, surely 
claramente  - clearly 
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