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verb | noun

channel verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
channeled, has channeled, is channeling, channels
encauzar, canalizar

Ejemplos de uso de
channel verb

  • She's started channeling her anger towards me.
  • He channeled millions of dollars into the program.
  • Their irrigation system channels water to the corn fields.

channel noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cauce; canal, estrecho; vía, conducto; canal (de televisión)

Ejemplos de uso de
channel noun

  • James flipped through the channels on TV.

Sinónimos de
channel noun

Traducción inversa para channel

encauzar  - to channel, to guide 
canalizar  - to channel 
cauce  - riverbed, means 
canal  - canal, channel, gutter, groove 
estrecho  - strait, narrows 
vía  - road, route, way, means, way, track, line (of a railroad), tract, passage 
conducto  - conduit, channel, duct 
canal  (de televisión) - canal, channel, gutter, groove 
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