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cancel verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cancelled, has cancelled, is cancelling, cancels

Ejemplos de uso de
cancel verb

  • We canceled our dinner reservation.
  • The event was canceled at the last minute when the speaker didn't show up.
  • My flight was canceled because of the storm.
  • She canceled her appointment with the dentist.
  • I'm sorry, but I have to cancel. Can we meet next week?
  • He canceled his insurance policy last month.
  • We canceled our magazine subscription when we moved.
  • The bank canceled my credit card.
  • If you subscribe online, you can cancel at any time.
¿Cuál es la forma correcta de escribir la palabra: canceling o cancelling? ¿Canceled or cancelled?
  • En inglés americano, la 'l' no se duplica cuando se agrega -ing o -ed, por lo tanto se escribe canceling o canceled. En inglés británico, la 'l' se duplica.

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cancel sustantivo

sliding door; partition

Traducción inversa para cancel

cancelar  - to cancel, to pay off, to settle 
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