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bold adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
valiente; insolente, descarado; atrevido, audaz

Ejemplos de uso de
bold adjective

  • Few politicians have been bold enough to oppose the plan to cut taxes.
  • It's a bold plan that might fail.
  • Hiring a novice was a bold move.
  • He punished the bold child for talking back.
  • I'd like to offer a few criticisms, if I may be so bold.
  • She wore a dress with bold stripes.
  • The painting is done in bold colors.

Sinónimos detallados para bold adjective

Ver: Brave

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Traducción inversa para bold

valiente  - brave, valiant, fine, great 
insolente  - insolent 
descarado  - brazen, impudent 
atrevido  - bold, daring, insolent 
audaz  - bold, audacious, daring 
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