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noun | verb

award noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
premio, galardón; condecoración

Ejemplos de uso de
award noun

  • Did the film win any awards at the festival?
  • She has won numerous awards for her books.
  • Will the film win any awards at the festival?

Sinónimos de
award noun

award verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
awarded, has awarded, is awarding, awards
otorgar, conceder, conferir

Ejemplos de uso de
award verb

  • The judges will award a prize to the best speaker.
  • The winner was awarded a gold medal.
  • A prize will be awarded to the student who sells the most tickets.
  • The jury awarded damages to the defendant.
  • The company is awarding the contract to the lowest bidder.
  • He was awarded a patent for his invention.

Sinónimos de
award verb

Sinónimos detallados para award verb

Ver: Grant

Traducción inversa para award

premio  - prize, reward, award, premium 
galardón  - award, prize 
condecoración  - decoration, medal 
otorgar  - to grant, to award, to draw up, to frame (a legal document) 
conceder  - to grant, to bestow, to concede, to admit 
conferir  - to confer, to bestow 
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