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assess verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
assessed, has assessed, is assessing, assesses
gravar (un impuesto), imponer; evaluar, valorar, aquilatar

Ejemplos de uso de
assess verb

  • After the hurricane, officials assessed the town's need for aid.
  • We need to assess whether or not the system is working.
  • The company was assessed $12 million in fines for polluting the river.
  • Damage to the boat was assessed at $5,000.

Sinónimos detallados para assess verb

Ver: Estimate

Traducción inversa para assess

gravar  (un impuesto) - to burden, to encumber, to levy (a tax) 
imponer  - to impose, to be impressive, to command respect, to confer 
evaluar  - to evaluate, to assess, to appraise, (figurative) to take stock 
valorar  - to evaluate, to appraise, to assess, to value, to appreciate 
aquilatar  - to assay, to assess, to size up 
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