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argue verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
argued, has argued, is arguing, argues
argüir, argumentar, razonar; sugerir; discutir, pelear(se), alegar; sostener; debatir

Ejemplos de uso de
argue verb

  • She argued against the proposed law.
  • The senator argued in favor of lowering taxes.
  • He's always willing to argue for what is right.
  • She argued that the proposed law should be defeated.
  • He argued that it's far too early to make a decision.
  • No one can argue me out of doing this.
  • They started arguing about politics.
  • She would argue with anyone.
¿Cuál preposición sigue al verbo argue?
  • El verbo argue es seguido por las preposiciones with, about, over, for y against. Uno discute with someone (con alguien) about/over (sobre) algo. Ejemplo: John argued with Jane about/over the plan to renovate the house.. Si alguien quiere expresar que está a favor de algo, se dice argue for. Ejemplo: The students were arguing for more healthy lunch choices at school. Si alguien quiere expresar que está en contra de algo, se dice argue against. Ejemplo: The teachers argued against working more hours for the same pay.

Sinónimos detallados para argue verb

Ver: Assert, Discuss

Traducción inversa para argue

argüir  - to argue, to contend, to argue, to deduce, to prove 
argumentar  - to argue, to contend 
razonar  - to reason, to think 
sugerir  - to suggest, to recommend, to propose, to suggest, to bring to mind 
discutir  - to discuss, to talk over, to argue, to quarrel, to dispute 
pelear  (se) - to fight, to quarrel 
alegar  - to assert, to allege, to argue 
sostener  - to support, to hold up, to hold, to sustain, to maintain 
debatir  - to debate, to discuss 
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