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noun | verb

word noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
palabra, vocablo, voz; orden; noticias

Ejemplos de uso de
word noun

  • How do you spell that word?
  • “Please” is a useful word.
  • Our teacher often used words I didn't know.
  • What is the French word for car?
  • Describe the experience in your own words.
  • The lawyer used Joe's words against him.
  • She gave the word to begin.
  • We will wait for your word before we serve dinner.

Sinónimos de
word noun

word verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
worded, has worded, is wording, words
expresar, formular, redactar

Ejemplos de uso de
word verb

  • Could we word the headline differently?
  • tried to word the declaration exactly right

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Traducción inversa para word

palabra  - word, word, promise, speech, right to speak 
vocablo  - word 
voz  - voice, opinion, say, shout, yell, sound, word, term, rumor 
orden  - order 
noticias  - news item, piece of news 
expresar  - to express 
formular  - to formulate, to draw up, to make, to lodge (a protest or complaint) 
redactar  - to write, to draft, to edit 
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