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verb | noun

wash verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
washed, has washed, is washing, washes
lavar, limpiar, fregar; mojar; bañar

Ejemplos de uso de
wash verb

  • We have to wash the dishes.
  • Did you wash your hands?
  • The flooding washed sand and silt all over the area.
  • The pollution washes into rivers from nearby factories.
  • Water washed over the deck of the ship.
  • Waves washed up onto the beach.

Sinónimos de
wash verb

wash noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
lavado; artículos para lavar, ropa sucia; estela (de un barco)

Ejemplos de uso de
wash noun

  • My jeans are in the wash.
  • We could hear the wash of the waves against the rocks.
  • The wash from speedboats is dangerous for swimmers.

Sinónimos de
wash noun

Verbos frasales para wash

  • wash up - arrastrar (hacia la costa por el agua)

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Traducción inversa para wash

lavar  - to wash, to clean, to launder (money) 
limpiar  - to clean, to clean, to cleanse, to clean up, to remove defects, to clean out (in a game), to swipe, to pinch 
fregar  - to scrub, to scour, to wash, to wash the dishes, to clean, to scrub, to annoy, to be annoying 
mojar  - to wet, to moisten, to dunk 
bañar  - to bathe, to wash, to immerse, to dip, to coat, to cover 
lavado  - laundry, wash, laundering 
estela  (de un barco) - wake (of a ship), trail (of dust, smoke, etc.) 
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