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vote noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
voto; sufragio, derecho al voto

Ejemplos de uso de
vote noun

  • They are counting the votes now.
  • There are 20 votes in favor and 12 against.
  • He got 56 percent of the votes.
  • She's campaigning hard to raise money and win votes.
  • People waited in line to cast their votes.
  • I cast my vote for the Republican candidate.
  • The vote was in her favor.
  • She won by a vote of 206 to 57.
  • In 1920, American women won the vote.
  • The candidate won only 10 percent of the vote.

Sinónimos de
vote noun

vote verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
voted, has voted, is voting, votes

Ejemplos de uso de
vote verb

  • Citizens will vote today for their new governor.
  • Did you vote in the last election?
  • The committee hasn't yet voted on the matter.
  • Congress voted 121 to 16 to pass the bill.
  • He voted against the proposal.
  • They voted the referendum into law.
  • Senators voted themselves a pay raise despite the budget shortfall.
  • We have to decide what to do about dinner. I vote that we get a pizza.

votar verbo

to vote; to vote for

Traducción inversa para vote

voto  - vote, vow (in religion) 
sufragio  - suffrage, vote 
votar  - to vote, to vote for 
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