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view verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
viewed, has viewed, is viewing, views
mirar, ver, observar; considerar, contemplar

Ejemplos de uso de
view verb

  • The building is most impressive when viewed from the front.
  • A medical examiner is now viewing the evidence.
  • The program was viewed by millions of people.
  • Different people view this problem in different ways.

Sinónimos detallados para view verb

Ver: See

Traducción inversa para viewed

mirar  - to look, to look at, to face, to overlook, to watch, to consider, to think over 
ver  - to see, to see, to understand, to learn, to find out, to understand, to examine, to look into, to see, to judge, to meet with, to visit, to find out 
observar  - to observe, to watch, to notice, to obey, to abide by, to remark, to comment 
considerar  - to consider, to think over, to judge, to deem, to treat with respect 
contemplar  - to contemplate, to ponder, to gaze at, to look at 
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