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unfortunate adjective

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desgraciado, infortunado, desafortunado; inoportuno

Ejemplos de uso de
unfortunate adjective

  • Going hiking during that heavy rain was really an unfortunate experience.
  • She was unfortunate enough to have been chosen as an example.
  • an unfortunate chain of events
  • It's unfortunate that he couldn't be here for your birthday.
  • He has an unfortunate tendency to show up late.
  • an unfortunate choice of words

Sinónimos de
unfortunate adjective

Traducción inversa para unfortunate

desgraciado  - unfortunate, unlucky, vile, wretched 
infortunado  - unfortunate, unlucky 
desafortunado  - unfortunate, unlucky 
inoportuno  - untimely, inopportune, inappropriate 
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