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uncover verb

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uncovered, has uncovered, is uncovering, uncovers
destapar (un objeto), dejar al descubierto; descubrir, revelar, exponer

Ejemplos de uso de
uncover verb

  • Police uncovered a criminal plot.
  • Archaeologists uncovered the ruins of an ancient city.

Sinónimos de
uncover verb

Traducción inversa para uncovers

destapar  (un objeto) - to open, to take the top off, to reveal, to uncover, to unblock, to unclog 
descubrir  - to discover, to find out, to uncover, to reveal 
revelar  - to reveal, to disclose, to develop (film) 
exponer  - to lay out, to exhibit, to show, to display, to explain, to present, to set forth, to expose, to risk 
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