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trash verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
trashed, has trashed, is trashing, trashes
botar (a la basura), tirar (a la basura); despellejar, poner por los suelos

Ejemplos de uso de
trash verb

  • a computer program that trashes useless files
  • The vacuum cleaner couldn't be fixed, so I trashed it.
  • The apartment had been trashed.
  • He says that the government's policies are trashing the environment.

Traducción inversa para trashes

botar  (a la basura) - to throw, to fling, to hurl, to throw out, to throw away, to launch (a ship) 
tirar  (a la basura) - to pull, to draw, to throw, to hurl, to toss, to shoot, to throw away, to throw out, to waste, to attract, to knock down, to shoot, to fire, to launch, to get by, to manage, to take (a photo), to print, to run off 
despellejar  - to skin (an animal) 
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