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to infect with the plague
para infectar con la plaga
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infect verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
infected, has infected, is infecting, infects
infectar, contagiar

Ejemplos de uso de
infect verb

  • If you're sick you should stay home to avoid infecting other people in the office.
  • The virus has infected many people.
  • They were unable to prevent bacteria from infecting the wound.
  • Her enthusiasm has infected everyone.
  • The virus has infected many computers.
  • All the computers in the office were infected by the same virus.

plague noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
plaga (de insectos, etc.); peste (en medicina)

Ejemplos de uso de
plague noun

  • The country was hit by a plague of natural disasters that year.
  • There has been a plague of bank robberies in the area.
  • a plague that swept through the tribe in the 1600s

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plague noun