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damage verb

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damaged, has damaged, is damaging, damages
dañar (un objeto o una máquina), perjudicar (la salud o una reputación)

Ejemplos de uso de
damage verb

  • Please return any items that are damaged during shipping.
  • Many homes were damaged or completely destroyed in the fire.
  • The fall severely damaged her knee.
  • Smoking can seriously damage your lungs.
  • The scandal significantly damaged her career.
  • This news will undoubtedly damage the governor's reputation.
  • He was worried that his comments had seriously damaged their relationship.
  • He's trying to repair his damaged reputation.

Sinónimos de
damage verb

Sinónimos detallados para damage verb

Ver: Injure

Traducción inversa para to damage

dañar  (un objeto o una máquina) - to damage, to spoil, to harm, to hurt 
perjudicar  (la salud o una reputación) - to harm, to be detrimental to 
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