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to carry weight
para llevar peso
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carry verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
carried, has carried, is carrying, carries
oírse, proyectarse; llevar, cargar, transportar (cargamento), conducir (electricidad), portar (un virus); soportar, aguantar, resistir (peso); vender, tener en abasto; implicar, acarrear; ganar (una elección o competición), aprobar (una moción)

Ejemplos de uso de
carry verb

  • I'll carry your luggage to your room.
  • He was carrying his baby daughter in his arms.
  • For two months, I carried the book around with me everywhere I went.
  • The waitress carried away our empty dinner plates.
  • The wind carried the smoke away from the campsite.
  • These planes can carry up to 300 passengers.
  • a ship carrying thousands of gallons of oil
  • Oil is carried to the factory through these pipes.
  • We installed gutters that will carry water away from the house.
  • blood vessels that carry blood to the heart

Sinónimos de
carry verb

weight noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
peso; pesa; carga; influencia, autoridad

Ejemplos de uso de
weight noun

  • Please indicate your height and weight on the form.
  • Her weight is 105 pounds.
  • The boat sank under the weight of the cargo.
  • Those columns have to be strong enough to support the weight of the roof.
  • He stays in good shape by lifting weights.