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to call together
para convocar juntos
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call verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
called, has called, is calling, calls
gritar, vociferar; llamar, convocar; visita, visitar; llamar por teléfono, telefonear; apodar

Ejemplos de uso de
call verb

  • He called to passersby for help.
  • She called up to her husband, who was at the top of the stairs.
  • Her husband called back down to her.
  • She saw her friends across the street and called over to them.
  • He called her name in his sleep.
  • The birds were calling as the sun rose.
  • I call once a week to talk to my parents.
  • Where are you calling from?
  • May I say who's calling?
  • I try to call my parents at least once a week.
¿Sabes lo que significa call on?
  • To call on (someone) significa pedirle a alguien que responda una pregunta.
¿Sabes el significado de call off?
  • To call off significa cancelar (un evento, reunión, etc).

together adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
juntamente, juntos (el uno con el otro)

Ejemplos de uso de
together adverb

  • They went to the party together.
  • They have been living together for eight years.
  • We enjoy spending time together.
  • The old friends were together again after many long years apart.
  • The partners have been in business together since 1971.
  • They gathered together to celebrate.
  • The presentation binds together several concepts.
  • The old fence was held together by chicken wire.
  • two sticks of dynamite bound together by tape
  • She got back together with her old boyfriend.