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to agree on
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to, agree, on.

agree verb

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agreed, has agreed, is agreeing, agrees
estar de acuerdo; ponerse de acuerdo; concordar

Ejemplos de uso de
agree verb

  • We agreed about some things, but disagreed about others.
  • She says that a change is needed, and I agree completely.
  • We can all agree on one thing: the current law needs to be changed.
  • Some critics have called the movie a masterpiece, but not everyone agrees.
  • The house is too big for one person, don't you agree?
  • She asked if she could go with him, and he agreed that she could.
  • The jurors were unable to agree on a verdict.
  • The means of ending the dispute were finally agreed upon.
¿Qué preposición se puede usar con agree?
  • Usa agree with + persona para decir que estás de acuerdo > Dan always agrees with the boss. Usa agree with + idea para decir que piensas que una idea es correcta > We agree with your approach.