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noun | verb

style noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
estilo; moda

Ejemplos de uso de
style noun

  • I don't like the flowery style of his writing.
  • She has a unique style of singing.
  • a baseball pitcher with an unusual style
  • She writes with more attention to style than to content.
  • The room was decorated in modern style.
  • The car is available in several different styles.
  • the Greek style of architecture
  • The range of clothing styles has become more varied.
  • His management style is abrasive.

Sinónimos de
style noun

Sinónimos detallados para style noun

Ver: Fashion

style verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
styled, has styled, is styling, styles
llamar; peinar (pelo), diseñar (vestidos, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
style verb

  • She cuts and styles hair.
  • She's having her hair styled tomorrow.
  • a book styled for a general audience

Sinónimos de
style verb

Traducción inversa para style

estilo  - style, fashion, manner, stylus 
moda  - fashion, style 
llamar  - to name, to call, to call, to summon, to phone, to call up 
peinar  (pelo) - to comb 
diseñar  (vestidos, etc.) - to design, to plan, to lay out, to outline 
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