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noun | verb

streaming noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
(informática) streaming

stream verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
streamed, has streamed, is streaming, streams
correr, salir a chorros; derramar, dejar correr

Ejemplos de uso de
stream verb

  • Tears streamed down his cheeks.
  • I could feel the cold air streaming in through the crack in the window.
  • Sunlight was streaming in through the window.
  • rays of light streaming through the clouds
  • His face streamed with sweat.
  • People streamed into the hall.
  • Immigrants streamed into the country.
  • Hundreds of letters streamed in from listeners.

Sinónimos de
stream verb

Sinónimos detallados para stream verb

Ver: Pour

Traducción inversa para streaming

streaming  (informática)
correr  - to run, to race, to travel over, to cover, to move, to slide, to roll, to draw (curtains), to rush, to flow 
derramar  - to spill, to shed (tears, blood) 
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