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stinking adjective

unfavorite favorite
apestoso, hediondo

Ejemplos de uso de
stinking adjective

  • Put out that stinking cigar.
  • came home from their trip to find stinking garbage that had been left in the kitchen

Sinónimos de
stinking adjective

Sinónimos detallados para stinking adjective

Stinking, putrid, rank, reeking, smelly significan tener un olor malo o desagradable.
  • Stinking connota lo malo o lo repugnante <prisoners were held in stinking cells>.
  • Putrid indica en particular el olor repugnante que despide la materia orgánica en descomposición <the putrid smell of the garbage bins in the summer heat>.
  • Rank connota un olor fuerte y desagradable, pero no necesariamente ofensivo <the rank smell of old cigar smoke>.
    antonyms: balmy
  • Reeking connota dar o estar impregnado por un olor fuerte u ofensivo <a room reeking of incense>.
  • Smelly, un término informal, simplemente significa tener un mal olor <he disliked smelly cheeses>.

stinking adverb

unfavorite favorite

Ejemplos de uso de
stinking adverb

  • a huge, showy house that screams, “We're stinking rich!”
  • a huge, showy house that screams, "We're stinking rich!"

stink verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stank, has stunk, is stinking, stinks
apestar, oler mal

Ejemplos de uso de
stink verb

  • The food is good at that restaurant, but the service stinks.
  • Having a root canal stinks.

Traducción inversa para stinking

apestoso  - stinking, foul 
hediondo  - foul-smelling, stinking 
extremadamente  - extremely, exceedingly 
apestar  - to stink, to infect with the plague, to corrupt 
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