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noun | verb | adjective

spruce noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
picea (árbol)

spruce verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
spruced, has spruced, is sprucing, spruces

spruce adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
pulcro, arreglado

Ejemplos de uso de
spruce adjective

  • He looked very spruce in his new suit.
  • a slim, spruce man in a tailor-made business suit

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Traducción inversa para spruce

picea  (árbol) - spruce (tree) 
arreglar  - to repair, to fix, (informal) to patch up, to tidy up, to iron out, to solve, to work out 
pulcro  - clean, neat, exquisite, delicate, refined 
arreglado  - fixed, repaired, settled, sorted out, neat, tidy, smart, dressed-up 
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