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2 Resultados de traducción para smudge en español

verb | noun

smudge verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
smudged, has smudged, is smudging, smudges
correrse; emborronar
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Mascara smudges easily.

Ejemplos de uso de
smudge verb

  • Don't smudge the picture with your dirty hands!
  • His face was smudged with grease.

smudge noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
mancha, borrón

Ejemplos de uso de
smudge noun

  • His hand left a grimy smudge on the wall.
  • the president's spouse must not have the slightest smudge of scandal

Traducción inversa para smudge

correrse  - to move along, to run, to spill over 
emborronar  - to blot, to smudge, to scribble 
mancha  - stain, spot, mark, blemish, blot, patch 
borrón  - smudge, blot 
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