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sighted person
persona avistada
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sight verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
sighted, has sighted, is sighting, sights
ver (a una persona), divisar (la tierra, un barco)

Ejemplos de uso de
sight verb

  • They sighted a ship in the distance.
  • Several bears have been sighted in the area.

person noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
persona, individuo, ser humano; persona (en gramática)

Ejemplos de uso de
person noun

  • She is a very nice person.
  • I saw a person standing on the dock.
  • Any person who wants a refund must have a receipt.
  • The person at the front desk will be able to help you.
  • The tax break is only applicable to persons in a high income bracket.
  • I like her as a person, but she is not a very good writer.
  • The disease is easily transmitted from person to person.
  • The dogs discovered that the men were hiding drugs about their persons.
  • The tickets are $25 per person.

Sinónimos de
person noun

¿Sabías esto?
  • El plural de person es comúnmente people excepto en contextos legales y formales, donde el plural es a menudo persons.