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shaky adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
tembloroso; poco firme, inestable; precario, incierto; dudoso, cuestionable

Ejemplos de uso de
shaky adjective

  • She took a few shaky steps before she collapsed.
  • Her commitment to the cause seems shaky.
  • Their marriage is on shaky ground.
  • The team has performed better lately after getting off to a shaky start.

Sinónimos de
shaky adjective

Traducción inversa para shaky

tembloroso  - tremulous, trembling, shaking 
inestable  - unstable, unsteady 
precario  - precarious 
incierto  - uncertain, untrue, unsteady, insecure 
dudoso  - doubtful, (slang) iffy, dubious, questionable 
cuestionable  - questionable, dubious 
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