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verb | noun

section verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
sectioned, has sectioned, is sectioning, sections
seccionar, fraccionar

Ejemplos de uso de
section verb

  • Peel and section the orange.
  • Section the chicken and marinate the parts.
  • She was sectioned by the judge.

section noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
sección, parte (de un mueble, etc.), sector (de la población), barrio (de una ciudad)

Ejemplos de uso de
section noun

  • the upper section of the bridge
  • This section of the road is closed.
  • the frozen food section in the supermarket
  • the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn
  • Do you want to sit in the nonsmoking section?
  • The dictionary includes a section on signs and symbols.
  • Section 1123 of the bankruptcy code.
  • ads that target one section of the population
  • The siding comes in five-foot sections.

Sinónimos detallados para section noun

Ver: Part

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Traducción inversa para section

fraccionar  - to divide, to break up 
sección  - section, department, division 
parte  (de un mueble, etc.) - part, share, part, place, party (in negotiations, etc.), report, dispatch 
sector  (de la población) - sector 
barrio  (de una ciudad) - neighborhood, district 
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