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radiate verb

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radiated, has radiated, is radiating, radiates
irradiar; emitir; salir, extenderse

Ejemplos de uso de
radiate verb

  • The pain was radiating down my arm.
  • The sun radiates heat and light.
  • Heat radiates from the sun.

Sinónimos de
radiate verb

Traducción inversa para radiate

irradiar  - to radiate, to irradiate 
emitir  - to emit, to give off, to broadcast, to issue, to cast (a vote) 
salir  - to go out, to come out, to get out, to set out, to leave, to depart, to appear, to project, to stick out, to cost, to come to, to turn out, to prove, to come up, to occur 
extenderse  - to spread, to last 
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