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noun | verb

puncture noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pinchazo, ponchadura

Ejemplos de uso de
puncture noun

  • a slight puncture of the skin
  • a leak caused by several small punctures in the rubber gasket

puncture verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
punctured, has punctured, is puncturing, punctures
pinchar, punzar, perforar, ponchar

Ejemplos de uso de
puncture verb

  • a nail punctured the tire
  • I could never puncture my own skin with a hypodermic needle.

Traducción inversa para puncture

pinchazo  - prick, jab, puncture, flat tire 
ponchadura  - puncture, flat (tire) 
pinchar  - to be prickly, to puncture (a tire), to prick, to stick, to get a flat tire, to goad, to tease, to needle, to get beaten, to lose out 
punzar  - to pierce, to puncture 
perforar  - to perforate, to pierce, to drill, to bore 
ponchar  - to strike out (in baseball), to puncture 
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