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noun | verb

pocket noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
bolsillo, bolsa; foco, centro
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A few dollar bills in a jeans pocket

Ejemplos de uso de
pocket noun

  • He keeps his gloves in his coat pocket.
  • She was standing there with her hands in her pockets.
  • I have a hole in my pocket.
  • Her pocket was full of change.
  • There are pockets on the back of each car seat.
  • The tickets are in the zippered pocket on the front of the suitcase.

Sinónimos de
pocket noun

pocket verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
pocketed, has pocketed, is pocketing, pockets
meterse en el bolsillo; embolsarse

Ejemplos de uso de
pocket verb

  • The chairman was fired for pocketing funds.
  • The saleswoman had overcharged them and pocketed the difference.
  • a professional golfer who pocketed more than four million dollars in winnings
  • I had to pocket my pride and ask for some help.

Sinónimos de
pocket verb

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Traducción inversa para pockets

bolsillo  - pocket 
bolsa  - bag, sack, pocketbook, purse, pocket, (finance) stock market, stock exchange 
foco  - focus, center, pocket, lightbulb, spotlight, headlight 
centro  - center, downtown, center (in sports) 
embolsarse  - to pocket (money), to collect (payment) 
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