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piercing adjective

unfavorite favorite
(dolor) penetrante, lacerante, agudo; penetrante, desgarrador

Ejemplos de uso de
piercing adjective

  • She looked at me with piercing eyes, and I was suddenly frightened that she knew what I had done.
  • I tried to avoid his piercing stare.
  • She felt a piercing sadness when she heard the news.

piercing noun

unfavorite favorite

Ejemplos de uso de
piercing noun

  • There's a small shop in town where they do tattooing and body piercing.
  • She got another ear piercing.

pierce verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
pierced, has pierced, is piercing, pierces
atravesar, traspasar, penetrar (en); perforar, agujerear (las orejas, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
pierce verb

  • The needle pierced her skin.
  • The bullet pierced his lung.
  • The needle pierced into her skin.
  • The bullet pierced through his lung.
  • A scream pierced the silence.

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pierce verb

Sinónimos detallados para pierce verb

Ver: Enter

Traducción inversa para piercing

penetrante  (dolor)
lacerante  - hurtful, wounding 
agudo  - acute, sharp, shrill, high-pitched, clever, shrewd 
penetrante  - penetrating, piercing, sharp, acute, deep (of a wound) 
desgarrador  - heartrending, heartbreaking 
perforación  - perforation, drilling 
atravesar  - to cross, to go across, to pierce, to lay across, to go through (a situation or crisis) 
traspasar  - to pierce, to go through, to go beyond, to cross, to go across, to sell, to transfer 
penetrar  (en) - to penetrate, to permeate, to penetrate, to sink in, to pierce, to fathom, to understand 
perforar  - to perforate, to pierce, to drill, to bore 
agujerear  (las orejas, etc.) - to make a hole in, to pierce 
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