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noun | verb

phase noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fase (de la luna, etc.); fase, etapa

Ejemplos de uso de
phase noun

  • The project will be done in three phases.
  • He's in the final phase of treatment now.
  • The building project marks a new phase in the town's development.
  • He has been throwing tantrums a lot, but the doctor says it's just a phase.
  • a calendar based on the phases of the moon

Sinónimos de
phase noun

phase verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
phased, has phased, is phasing, phases
sincronizar, poner en fase; escalonar

Sinónimos de
phase verb

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Traducción inversa para phase

fase  (de la luna, etc.) - phase, stage 
fase  - phase, stage 
etapa  - stage, phase 
sincronizar  - to synchronize 
escalonar  - to terrace, to stagger, to alternate 
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