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overwhelm verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
overwhelmed, has overwhelmed, is overwhelming, overwhelms
aplastar, arrollar; inundar, sumergir; abrumar, agobiar

Ejemplos de uso de
overwhelm verb

  • Don't overwhelm him with facts.
  • They were overwhelmed with work.
  • The city was overwhelmed by the invading army.

Sinónimos de
overwhelm verb

Traducción inversa para overwhelm

aplastar  - to crush, to squash 
arrollar  - to sweep away, to carry away, to crush, to overwhelm, to run over (with a vehicle) 
inundar  - to flood, to inundate 
sumergir  - to submerge, to immerse, to plunge 
abrumar  - to overwhelm, to oppress, to burden 
agobiar  - to oppress, to burden, to overwhelm, to wear out, to exhaust 
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