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open-eyed adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
asombrado, atónito

open verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
opened, has opened, is opening, opens
abrir; abrirse; destapar; empezar, comenzar; desplegar; abrir (un camino, etc.); abrir (una tienda), inaugurar (una exposición, etc.); iniciar, entablar

Ejemplos de uso de
open verb

  • This door is hard to open.
  • Open the door!” shouted the police officer.
  • Would you mind if I opened a window?
  • The car door opened and a beautiful woman stepped out.
  • The door opened and closed so quietly that I didn't notice he had come in the room.
  • This drawer is stuck. It just won't open!
  • She comes home, turns on the TV, and starts opening her mail.
  • She opened her eyes and smiled at me.
  • I opened my umbrella and stepped out into the rain.
  • Open your mouth wide for me,” said the dentist.

Sinónimos de
open verb

eye verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
eyed, has eyed, is eying, eyes
mirar, observar

Ejemplos de uso de
eye verb

  • I saw someone eyeing me from across the street.
  • a lot of his backyard bird watching was spent eyeing the squirrels as they depleted the bird feeder of seeds

Traducción inversa para open-eyed

asombrado  - dumbfounded, astonished 
atónito  - astonished, amazed, dumbfounded, (figurative) deer in the headlights 
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