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once adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
una vez; alguna vez; antes, anteriormente

Ejemplos de uso de
once adverb

  • I will repeat the question once.
  • The play was performed only once.
  • She didn't once thank me.
  • He didn't look at me once.
  • It was once done that way.
  • A river once flowed through this canyon.
  • It was once a booming mining town.
  • Their music was once very popular.

Sinónimos de
once adverb

once noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
una vez

Ejemplos de uso de
once noun

  • I have tried Indian food more than once.
  • Please be on time just this once.
  • For once you seem to know what I'm talking about.

once conjunction

unfavorite favorite play sound
una vez que, tan pronto como

Ejemplos de uso de
once conjunction

  • Once she spoke, I recognized her.
  • you should have stopped wrestling once you knew someone was getting hurt, not five minutes later
¿Cómo se escribe una frase en el tiempo futuro usando once?
  • En una frase que empieza con once y trata del futuro, usa el presente en la primera parte de la frase (con once). Usa el futuro en la segunda parte de la frase > Once Joe finds a new girlfriend, he’ll stop calling you.

once nombre-adjetivo


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Traducción inversa para once

antes  - before, earlier, formerly, previously, rather, sooner 
anteriormente  - previously, beforehand 
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