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verb | adjective

numb verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
numbed, has numbed, is numbing, numbs
entumecer, adormecer

numb adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
entumecido, dormido

Ejemplos de uso de
numb adjective

  • The side of my face was still numb an hour after the surgery.
  • I had a numb feeling in my toes.
  • It was so cold that my fingers went numb.
  • A stroke can cause one side of your body to go numb.
  • Her son had died and she just felt numb.
  • He stood there numb with fear.
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  • Tenga en cuenta la pronunciación. La b no se pronuncia. Numb rima con la palabra some.

Traducción inversa para numb

entumecer  - to make numb, to be numb 
adormecer  - to make sleepy, to lull to sleep, to numb 
entumecido  - numb, stiff (of muscles, joints, etc.) 
dormido  - asleep, numb 
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