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noun | verb

needle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
aguja; indicador

Ejemplos de uso de
needle noun

  • I need a needle and thread to sew the button on your shirt.
  • The needle on the scale points to 9 grams.
  • The compass needle points north.

Sinónimos de
needle noun

¿Sabías esto?
  • El agujero pequeño al final de la aguja de coser, por el cual se pasa el hilo, se llama el eye of the needle.

needle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
needled, has needled, is needling, needles

Ejemplos de uso de
needle verb

  • His classmates needled him about his new haircut.
  • we needled him mercilessly for thinking that he had any chance of being the prom date for the school's most popular girl

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Traducción inversa para needle

aguja  - needle, steeple, spire 
indicador  - gauge, dial, meter, indicator 
pinchar  - to be prickly, to puncture (a tire), to prick, to stick, to get a flat tire, to goad, to tease, to needle, to get beaten, to lose out 
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