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noun | verb | verbo

mire noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
lodazal, ciénaga; (figurado) embrollo, atolladero

Ejemplos de uso de
mire noun

  • The troops marched onward through the muck and the mire.
  • We played on a football field that was thick with mire.

Sinónimos de
mire noun


mire verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
mired, has mired, is miring, mires

Ejemplos de uso de
mire verb

  • the sight of the standard, which had emerged from the battle mangled and mired, still stirred the soldiers' hearts
  • the case has been mired in probate court for years

mirar verbo

to look; to look at; to face, to overlook; to watch; to consider, to think over

Traducción inversa para mire

lodazal  - bog, quagmire 
ciénaga  - swamp, bog 
embrollo  (figurado)
atascarse  - to become obstructed, to get bogged down, to stall 
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