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adjective | noun

minor adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
minor adjective

  • Her role in the project was minor.
  • I'm not worried about minor details.
  • The grant covered only a minor part of the cost.
  • The delay will be minor.
  • He suffered a minor heart attack.

minor noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
menor (de edad); asignatura secundaria (de estudios)

Ejemplos de uso de
minor noun

  • families with children who are still minors
  • The nightclub was shut down for selling alcohol to a minor.
  • She majored in chemistry with a minor in biology.

Traducción inversa para minor

menor  - smaller, lesser, younger, smallest, least, youngest, minor 
menor  (de edad) - minor, juvenile 
asignatura secundaria  (de estudios)
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