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mess up verb

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arruinar, estropear; crear un desastre; echar a perder; desordenar, desarreglar
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“I’m in trouble. I was trying to park the car, and I really messed up.”

mess noun

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rancho (para soldados, etc.); desorden; confusión, embrollo, lío

Ejemplos de uso de
mess noun

  • He was a mess after gardening all day.
  • My hair is a mess.
  • Well, that's another fine mess you've gotten me into!
  • How do we get ourselves into these messes?
  • The school system is a mess.
  • Things were a real mess for a while after she retired.
  • My life is a complete mess.
  • She was a real mess for a while after her divorce.
  • He was a mess during his daughter's wedding ceremony.

Sinónimos de
mess noun

Traducción inversa para mess up

arruinar  - to ruin, to wreck 
estropear  - to ruin, to spoil, to break, to damage 
desordenar  - to mess up 
desarreglar  - to mess up, to upset, to disrupt 
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