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noun | verb

litter noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
camada, cría; camilla; basura; arena higiénica (para gatos)

Ejemplos de uso de
litter noun

  • We decided to pick up the litter in the park.
  • Her desk was covered with a litter of legal documents.

Sinónimos de
litter noun

litter verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
littered, has littered, is littering, litters
tirar basura; tirar basura en, ensuciar

Ejemplos de uso de
litter verb

  • Paper and popcorn littered the streets after the parade.
  • a desk littered with old letters and bills
  • It is illegal to litter.
  • He had to pay a fine for littering.

Traducción inversa para litter

camada  - litter, brood 
cría  - breeding, rearing, young, litter 
camilla  - stretcher 
basura  - garbage, waste, refuse, (brit.) rubbish 
arena higiénica  (para gatos)
ensuciar  - to soil, to dirty 
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