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verb | noun

lay up verb

unfavorite favorite
guardar, almacenar

Ejemplos de uso de
lay up verb

  • an eating disorder that would impel her to lay up candy bars in her closet for all-night food binges

Sinónimos de
lay up verb

layup noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
(baloncesto) bandeja, tiro bajo aro
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lay verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
laid, has laid, is laying, lays
poner, colocar; hacer; imponer

Ejemplos de uso de
lay verb

  • Lay the fabric carefully on the table.
  • He laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.
  • She laid the baby in his crib for a nap.
  • When will they lay the foundation for the addition?
  • He laid the newspaper on the desk.
  • lay tracks for the new railroad
  • They laid him in his grave.

Sinónimos de
lay verb

¿Cuándo se usa lay y cuándo lie?
  • No confundir lay (tiempo pasado: laid) con lie (tiempo pasado: lay). Ejemplo de lay > The mother laid the baby in the crib. Ejemplo de lie> > The baby lay in the

Traducción inversa para lay up

guardar  - to guard, to maintain, to preserve, to put away, to save, to keep (a secret or promise) 
almacenar  - to store, to put in storage 
bandeja  (baloncesto)
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